Just Another Day in Paradise

Siblings are genetically inclined to argue. It’s a predetermined factor that is instantly triggered at birth. Whether it’s because one took the purple crayon before the other could use it or one spilled something on a dress they borrowed from the other’s closet, being upset with your family member is natural.

I am one of three girls in my family. What does this mean? Let’s just say that I’ve experienced my fair share of attitudes. To make matters more interesting I am a twin. This is an awesome gift, but at times it might just be the death of me.

Cue the saying, “you love hard, you fight harder.”

Having a twin is like having a built in best friend. My twin and I have done everything together from the get-go. We played sports together, had the same friends, watched the same TV shows, and, yes, we were even dressed alike at one point.

However, the older we get the more pronounced our differences become. At times it is a little scary to see your best friend start to change they way they feel about things that you have bonded over for years. Their interests shift to other people and other hobbies, leaving you wondering if you’ve been unintentionally driving them to do so.

Recently, I noticed this happening to my sister and I more than I have in previous years. Naturally, I started to panic. Being around someone you know so well for such a long time, especially your twin sister, you tend to notice even the slightest changes in their actions and demeanor.

I confronted her about it only to get the famous “Nothing is wrong” line in response.

So what did I do when I still noticed a difference with her? Kept asking what was wrong. (Wouldn’t you?)

In the end I realized I should have stopped right then and there. The more I asked the more annoyed I made her, which was exactly the opposite of what I wanted to do. This eventually led to one heated argument. Like most life experiences we go through, I learned a valuable lesson with this one.

People change. That’s just life. Although I’ve loved the way things have been for all these years, eventually we will both grow to be different people. And although we are twins, we are also, most importantly, two different people.

Embrace the fact that someone you love is finding other things they enjoy doing. It doesn’t mean they love you any less. It just means they are growing up.

Photo Courtesy of theparentingexperience.info 

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