Contribution to Journalism

As we all know, journalism has taken the fast track into the online world. With the creation of social media and blog sites accessing news has become as easy as clicking a button. With this online blog I hope to provide viewers with interesting coverage on every day topics in the community. Who doesn’t want to know what’s going on around them?

Blogging, especially, is a great source of communication whether it be news, advice, or anything else. I enjoy blogging because on this platform, talking is the norm. What I mean by that is that when writing an actual news article there are rules one must follow. There’s a lead, body paragraphs, and concluding thoughts. With blogs, one can speak to the viewer in a more relaxed toned. No one likes it when others preach to them. When casually writing, it’s easier to show one’s personality through the text, and hopefully, get your point across better.

So, explore the site and see what you find. Check back often for updated content and new posts.

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