Texting: Lost in Translation

Photo courtesy of cltampa.com

Have you ever texted someone and before you know it, you are in a full blown-out fight but you have no idea why?

Most likely someone misinterpreted the tone of the message. More often then not, I’ve had to explain to my recipient that I wasn’t mad when I responded to one of his or her texts. (Apparently, sarcasm isn’t easily translatable via text message.)

One-word messages are the worst. The instant I see a ‘k’ or ‘yes’ as a response to one of my texts I immediately assume that person is mad or annoyed. Then, I quickly shift to apology mode.

Texting has created a convenient and comfortable way of communicating with others, yet it also makes it easier to misunderstand one another.

I recently had a friend describe to me a conversation she had over text with someone. The way she read each text aloud was in the tone that she figured the person was meaning: defensive. Now, there’s a good possibility that the sender didn’t even mean to upset her, yet in her mind the wording came off as aggressive. Oh, technology. What a love/hate relationship we have.

I’ll be the first to say that text messaging is my go to form of communication. In fact, I’ve texted so much that every now and then my fingers get stuck in a typing position. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but I know it happens to others!

So, before you send your next text, ask yourself if your wording could be taken in a different context. If so, think about how you can say it to where the other person won’t instantly go on the attack. Imagine how many minor arguments you could avoid by double -checking your message. I guess I did learn something in elementary school.

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