Cheerio, Darling!

Afternoon tea and talk with the girls at Maudee's Tea Room

It’s almost Christmas! Can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday when I was baking (literally) in the 60+ days of 100 degree temperature here in the Lone Star State.

However, it is finally cool and the weather change calls for something special: afternoon tea. Now I realize afternoon tea doesn’t take place only in the winter time, yet for my friends and I it does. We use this simple excuse of shifting seasons to eat a large supply of scones and sandwiches and drink an outrageous amount of flavored teas. I’m talking 3 tea pots worth. My pupils were floating on my eyeballs by the end of our 2-hour tea party.

The three of us began this tradition a year ago after we came back from a summer study program in Oxford, England. We all fell in the love with the idea of stuffing your face (gracefully, of course) with desserts and sandwiches during the mid-afternoon hours.

Every time we gather for goodies and gifts we pick a new tea room to try out. This year it was Maudee’s Tea Room. It’s a quaint little room nestled among stores on Lover’s Lane. You walk in and are immediately greeted by warm-colored walls, a fireplace, and a neatly decorated shelf full of teapots.

The food was great and the teas were fabulous. The staff was helpful and attentive.

I can’t wait for next year’s gift exchange and a new tea room to try out.

Have you ever been for afternoon tea? Do you have any good suggestions of where to go for next yet?

(Click here for a list of some of my favorite tea rooms in Dallas.)


  1. julie king · · Reply

    Wow, so fun! Great article 🙂

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