Healthy Eating During Holiday Travels

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My family and I are avid travelers. So when school’s winter break begins, we use the month as a chance to escape to a tropical destination. (Whale watching in Hawaii has been our go-to location for a few years now.)

However, traveling means airport food courts and airplane ready meals. It means fancy three course dinners and tropical drinks. It means ten pounds to my waist line / booty region.

To be honest, I use to be the one who used vacations as an excuse to go AWOL on my diet, yet this past year I’ve made a conscious effort to control myself while on vacation. How do I do that? I stumbled across a few traveling tips that might come in handy for all who are traveling this holiday season., a healthy eating blog I stumbled across online, gives you 9 easy tips for maintaining a controlled eating style throughout these next few months. Here are a few of my favorites that I find helpful for all.

1. Eat before you leave

If you’re like my family on morning travel days, we are up and at the airport at least 3 hours before our flight (if it’s out of the country or across an ocean). This means waking up and not being able to eat until we are through security, which could be at least 1 1/2 hours from the time we wake up until we are chowing down at a restaurant. I always try to grab a yogurt or piece of fruit before we hit the road so that I’m not in total starvation mode by the time we get breakfast.

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2. Pack snacks

My mom is great at packing snacks for long travel days in her carry-on. One hundred calorie packs of almonds or other cookies are a great because it is portion controlled and small enough to place in your bag without taking up a lot of room. Fruits like apples and bananas are also great to bring. They are healthy and filling.

3. Look for salads

Whenever I know I’ll be on a flight with no dining service I immediately begin to search for a restaurant that serves salads. Normally, I carry my lunch on the plane so pre-made salads are typically my only option (depending on how much time you have and what airport you’re in). Although they may be rather boring, bland salads, I know that I am eating less calories and more

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nutritional items than I would be at McDonald’s or Panda Express.

Another great thing about these salads is that the dressings for them usually come in small packets. This is great because I can

then limit the amount of dressing I am putting on it. Dressings tend to be the highest calorie parts of a salad.

Give these tips a try, and let me know how they’ve helped you! What are some foods you enjoy  when you’re on the go? Share your tips here!

For the complete list of  tips click here

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