Updated Relationship Status: The Gamer Couple

Photo courtesy of unrealitymag.com

Oh, God. I never thought this day would come. It is official. My boyfriend and I have spoken thooe three little words that we never thought we’d say to each other: we are …”the gamer couple” It’s true! I admit it! We have totally become that couple who meets up just to play video games.

Our latest obsession: Skryim: The Elder Scrolls (as if “the gamer couple” didn’t sound nerdy enough).
It’s a game set in a Nordic nation called “Skyrim”. You get to create your own character and pretty much kick the you-know-what out of weird mythical creatures. He loves it for the action; I love it because I get to roam around villages “saving people from the dragons”.

Photo courtesy of slashgear.com

I lied. I really just like the game because I can ride a horse in it. I just bought one which I named “Gerty- short for Gertrude”!

I’ve always liked playing video games. I grew up playing Nintendo 64 with my male cousins, but I never thought I’d do it with my significant other.

I’d like to consider it a bonding experience. It’s better than watching TV because we motivate and cheer each other on during our “missions” instead of just laying on the couch staring blankly at a screen. I think everyone should play some sort of game with their partner because it teaches you the value of supporting one another, an important quality to have in a romantic relationship.

Do you play games with your partner? What types do you play?


  1. I love it i started my blog 🙂 so I can write just like you 🙂

  2. Oh Sam, I never thought I would say this either. BUTTTTT, T and I play xbox now. We are all about wipeout on kinect and he is trying to teach me other things. Woohoo the cat is out of the bag, we aren’t the only gamer couple.

    1. Well I’m glad we aren’t the only one, too! It’s rather embarrassing, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun. We talk strategy now, that’s how into it we’ve gotten! haha

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