I Think I’m In Love: The Ellie Story

Do you believe in love at first sight?

You see that age-old question right there (^)? Ya, I just asked that. I’ve never been a believer of “love” at first sight. Maybe “lust” at first sight, but not really love. They do say that people make an impression on you within the first 3 seconds of looking at them, so based off that evidence I went with “lust”.

However, today my shallow thinking was proven wrong. Today, I fell in love.

Today I fell in love with a girl name Ellie. We made eye contact from down the hall and I knew, instantly, that I had to meet her. She has reddish-gold hair and big, round eyes that read your soul each time she lays them on you. Her face is wrinkled up because of smile lines, yet she can totally pull it off. Ellie is a little tubby, but you can tell she walks with confidence regardless of her size.

Ellie is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix, and I love her.

Ellie in her little kennel at the mall adoption program by the SPCA.

The SPCA hosts special adoptions during the holiday season and has a little make-shift kennel set up in the mall. It’s hard not to pass by there without stopping to take a look at the furry buddies.

I visited her 3 times because I just couldn’t get enough of her adorable little face! I mean look at it. So cute. I wanted to get her, but there’s no way I could. My parents would totally kill me because I’d be using their money to pay for everything for her, and I am always traveling so having to board her would get to be a big pain. Plus, John said he didn’t want to have to end up cleaning up after her (because, in the end, he probably would be :))

For now, I just have to let her go and hope that a great family will adopt her and love her as much as I do.


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  2. Sam,
    OMG so you know already love love love this post especially because now that I have Loki I believe in adopting all they way! Of course I want you to get her but I know your situation isn’t ideal to adopt a dog. Also, she looks like an adult dog so you prolly won’t have to clean up as much as you think, just a little cause she would need to get used to the environment. Maybe instead of adopting her you can donate money to the SPCA and get some satisfaction out of helping her and the other dogs.


    1. Ya I donated $10 to the Humane Society in San Antonio the other day for a family friend’s fundraiser. Didn’t even thinking about the SPCA, but, I want the dog I don’t just wanna donate! Dah!

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