Las Vegas: The Do’s and the Don’ts

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I went to Vegas this weekend with my parents, twin sister, boyfriend, and best friend. We had an amazing time during our 3 day, 3 night stay. We gambled (and lost), we ate (and ate), and we drank (responsibly). This wasn’t the first time I’ve been to Vegas, however, each time I go I learn something new about Sin City.

Here is a list of some do’s and don’ts I have come up with over the past couple of trips that I think will come in handy for all those traveling to the city where what happens there, stays there.


  • Bring comfortable shoes for day and night. This is a MUST! You will be walking a lot. Things look close on the Strip, but by the time you’ve walked through one hotel property you’ve walked about a mile. Also, comfortable shoes for night attire are crucial. If you ruin your feet the first night, the rest of the trip will be rather uncomfortable. Trust me.
  • Pace Yourself. And I’m not just talking about drinking. I’m talking about eating, as well. We ate so much while we were there that I don’t want to eat again for a week! (OK we all know that’s a lie). Every place we ate had amazing food. I did not have one bad meal, and it showed when the waiter took away my spotless plate. So, remember, you’ll be eating a lot when you’re there so prepare your stomach if you are going out later that night. Don’t overindulge because you will be comatose for the rest of the night.
  • Prepare to Lose.  (Cue Eminem’s song). Yes, you can lose yourself in the moment on the club’s dance floor or in the auditorium seat at a Cirque du Soleil show, but I’m talking about another type of losing: losing major cash. Vegas is NOT a cheap place, mainly because gambling is involved. You can, and most likely, will lose a bunch of money fast, so you need to be prepared to watch that dealer’s grubby little hands swipe it out from under you many times.

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  • Go without a set budget to stick to (unless you have a lot of money to blow). Refer to above.
  • Go with people who you don’t trust. If you’ve seen The Hangover, then you know that Vegas can get a little crazy, so you want to make sure you surround yourself with people you know will take care of you and be responsible at the appropriate time because you just never know what is going to happen. (This “don’t” is based on stories I’ve heard and not reflective of personal experiences).
  • Pick up those cards the street people flick at you. Unless you’re in to that type of thing, don’t worry about it.


  1. Great story Samantha! Very, very accurate and well written. I cannot stress the comfortable shoes thing enough!

    1. Why thank you Haley King!

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