So the Guy’s Got Jokes, Huh?

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Before we had made our way to Maui my Dad suggested we go to this comedy/magic show that his friend had told him about.

“I heard it was so funny! We have to go. I want to go,” said Dad.

Um, a comedy magic show? I’m thinking absolutely not, however, Dad does a lot of stuff for us, therefore, it was our turn to do something for him. So, my sister went online to book the tickets for Warren and Annabelle’s comedy magic show and was reading out loud to us some of the stuff that it involves.

“It’s a four hour dinner and show.”

Halt. Four hours? Now I really don’t want to go.

“You have to first solve a puzzle before you are allowed to enter Annabelle’s parlor. Then you are served appetizers and drinks while resident ghost Annabelle plays the piano. Then the magic show begins after all of that.”

What the heck is this, a Hawaiian version of the Haunted Mansion ride in Disney World? “Ghosts” playing the piano does not sound entertaining at all. Needless to say, I was pretty skeptical about this show, but I had no choice not to go.

When we got there we were escorted into a room where we were then given a clue to solve the puzzle. It took all of 5 seconds for me to figure out what it wanted us to do. The door slid open revealing a quaint room complete with bar and, yes, Annabelle’s piano. We were greeted by a very nice waiter who showed us our table for the first portion of the show. We enjoyed heavy hor dourves and delicious desserts that eventually made their way down to my hips and thighs by the end of the night.

Warren interacting with a member of the audience.

Around 7 p.m. we made our way into the quaint theater to await the performer. Then, out walks Warren, the owner and one of the magician/comedians of Warren and Annabelle’s. For the next two hours he had the entire crowd in tears because they were laughing so hard. He was hilarious, not to mention the fact that his facial expressions and body language were perfect for every joke!

His slight-of-hand magic was some of the best I have ever seen, and the fact that he got the entire audience involved made it feel like a private show. My rib cage hurt by the end of the it.

I would definitely recommend this show to anyone and everyone who visits Maui. Although the beginning part is a little hokey, the actual performance is well worth every penny.

For more information about Warren and Annabelle’s click here.

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