A New Year, a New Chapter

Photo courtesy of richland2.org

Classes start tomorrow marking the beginning of the end of my college career. The feeling is rather bittersweet. I am sad to leave my alma mater, the place where I’ve grown intellectually and personally, and also physically, although I’m in the process of fixing that “growth spurt”. I am also glad to soon be done with writing papers, studying for exams, and finishing lame, pointless assignments that teach me nothing other than I hate pointless assignments.

This semester is going to be great. I can feel it. My schedule doesn’t seem too demanding, with only 12 hours a week of actual class time thanks to my busy schedules the past three years. Being a second semester senior really makes you evaluate the time you’ve spent on campus and, at least for me, I am going to miss being apart of a student body known for its awesome fashion sense and adorable mascot. Oh, yeah…and a football team that needs some work. Although I am proud to say that over the past four years our program has really stepped it up!

Photo courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

I have to admit I am a little scared of what the future holds. It is weird to think that after these 4 and a half months, my future is up in the air whereas just four years ago I knew what I what I’d be doing after each school year came to a close. Will I still be in this city? Will I go back home and try to find a job there? Will I even get a job? These are just a few of my many concerns leading up to the big date of May 12, 2012.

So, here is to a great last semester at good ol’ SMU and the memories that I’m sure will be made during it.

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  1. Louise DeKan · · Reply

    Always enjoy reading your Blog.

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