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As you can tell, I’ve gotten pretty into this whole blog thing. However, my desire to blog didn’t spawn from nothing. I’ve always loved to write, and, well, being on the computer became a rather unhealthy obsession at a young age. What a perfect combination of the two, right? I thought so as well. Good thing blogging is actually an “in” thing to do these days or this would be a rather pointless hobby, in my opinion.

Before I actually created my first blog post, I gathered inspiration from others across the web. Taking in to account their layout, topic, and writing styles, ideas for my blog began to blossom. I’d love for y’all to take a look at some of the blogs that have shaped my thinking and writing for the web for the very site you’re on right now.

  • The moment I literally “stumbleupon-ed” this Southern-influenced blog I fell in love. I love the bright, clean look of the site. It’s simple to navigate and there are no annoying banner ads flying in and out of your screen. Also, I love the topics she blogs about, mainly because the majority is food. This blog offers adorable ideas for holiday treats, as well as places to travel, and product giveaways.
  • So this really isn’t one specific blog, but a network for bloggers to share their expertise. This site covers every topic you can imagine, from health to politics to style. Also, almost every contributor has their own blog so if you like what they write, you can easily hop over to their blog, as well. It’s like thousands of blogs in one.
  • I might be a little bias because she’s a friend of mine, but I love this blog! This blog is focused on one of my favorite things in the world: food. Not only does she offer healthy, easy recipes to make, but she shares her experiences after trying out new restaurants around town. Whenever I want to try a new place to eat I go to her site for the latest and best to try. She definitely knows her stuff and her critiques are spot on.

Now that I’ve shared a few of my faves with you, what are some of your favorite blogs that you like to visit?

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  1. Thanks for featuring my blog, Sam 🙂 You’re so sweet. I love your blog too!

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