Ten Things Women Should Know About The Male Species

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Since one of my posts last week was all about ten things guys should know about gals, I felt it was only fair to let women in on what men want them to know.

Thanks to Cosmopolitan Magazine, I’d like to think that I know my fare share of men facts. However, life is a learning process and it couldn’t hurt to expand my knowledge of these hair-legged creatures. So, enough yapping and let’s get down to business.

Here are the top ten things men want us lovely ladies to know!

  1. All Shoes Look the Same. Asking your man about how to fix a sink: yes. Asking him which shoes look better with your dress, the sling-backs or the peep-toes: no. Men aren’t known for their awesome fashion sense. Why? To a typical man, a shoe is a shoe is a shoe to. So, for the best fashion advice stick to your girlfriend’s or your mom’s.
  2. He Checks Out Other Women. Although we’d all like to think it doesn’t happen, our men check out other women. It’s in their nature. Men like to look at attractive women, just like women like to look at attractive men. When they put it this way, it’s hard to dispute. As long as he isn’t blatantly drooling over her as she walks by or following her into the next room, try to let it slide.
  3. “Nothing Is Wrong” Means Nothing Is Wrong. Ugh. This one kills me every time. Girls are famous for the “nothing is wrong” line when, in all reality, EVERYTHING is wrong. It’s hard to accept the fact that when guys say it, they typically mean it. So, the next time your man is sitting quietly on the couch and you ask him what’s wrong and he says nothing, leave it alone because more than likely, nothing is.
  4. “I Love You” Isn’t Always Said With Words. Men show love in a variety of ways, and although he might not have said those three precious words yet, his actions might already by saying them. Cue overused cliche: “Actions speak louder than words.” So pay attention!

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  5. Have A Life. In the beginning stages of a relationship it’s easy to get caught up in the romance of it all. A new man, a new journey you’re starting together. However, it’s important to remember that before y’all got together, you had a life. Don’t forget to make time to do things that you enjoyed before “two became one”.
  6. Don’t Let Yourself Go. No matter what people say, physical attraction is crucial in a relationship, and, unfortunately, the dreaded “love pounds” are easy to pack on when your in love. Going out to the newest restaurants for yummy meals or  grabbing drinks at the swanky bar down the street with your guy is a ton of fun, but can take a toll on your body. Remember: just because your guy enjoys fast food every night of the week doesn’t mean you can too!
  7. He Doesn’t Like All Of Your Friends. Sometimes people just don’t click. This could be the case with your gal pals and your man. He doesn’t have to like them all, but it’s important that he is at least civil to them, for your sake.
  8. He Can’t Read Your Mind. Wait…what? They can’t? But really, men are about as clueless to what we are thinking as we are to them. Just because y’all have been dating for years doesn’t mean he should know exactly what you want at all times. Communication is key. *Mental note to self: I must remember this one*
  9. Initiate Some Lovin’. Self-explanatory, ladies.
  10. Compliment Him. We know how much we love it when our man tells us we look gorgeous. Well, it’d be nice if you’d return the favor. Men like and need to feel attractive, too. Not only is it a boost to his confidence, but it lets him know that he’s still attractive to you as well!

Women: do you think these points are asking too much from us? Men: Do you agree with the items on the list?

I want to here what y’all have to say. 🙂

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