Super Bowl Madness

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The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and you know what that means: commercials, junk food and alcohol. These, at least for me, are really the only worthwhile things that come out of Super Bowl Sunday.

I know all you men out there are gasping in disbelieve, but it’s true. The fact that men are running around attempting to get a ball into the end zone really has no appeal to me other than the fact that they wear tight pants doing it .

I should at least clarify that at times I do enjoy watching football on TV, but that’s only if the teams playing are related to me in some way. So the sport isn’t totally lost on me.

However, as all of you men are sitting on the couch screaming bloody murder at the television set while corn chip particles fly

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unattractively out of your mouths, I will be behind you… observing (in a non-creepy way)… how you still, after all this time, believe that the coaches will take your play suggestions and defense advice  you have been yelling at them for the past quarter and a half.

On that note, who’s ready for some FOOTBALL?!

What are some of your favorite tailgating goods? Let me know 🙂

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