House Hunters: You Complete Me

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My name is Samantha and I have a problem. Whether it’s super serious or not, I have yet to decide.

I am addicted to the HGTV shows House Hunters (HH) and House Hunters International (HHI). Thanks to these shows, I have successfully procrastinated on school reading for about a week, but, on a more positive note, I now feel way more confident about what to look for as a future home buyer.

Two of my new favorite words: Open concept. I’m referring to the kitchen/living room space, people. Don’t get it twisted!

Before I stumbled upon the HGTV network, I had no clue how much houses typically go for (depending on area, of course), or what I really expected in a home. I realize now that a) I have extremely expensive taste and b) I need a job. See, watching TV is educational! I learn something new every time I watch it.

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If you haven’t seen this show yet, heed this warning: I will personally come in to your home, steel your channel changer, and record every upcoming episode from now until forever. I’m dangerous with a remote.

But seriously, this is definitely a great show to watch especially if you are planning on purchasing/ renting a new place any time soon. As a soon-to-be college grad, this stuff is actually a lot more relevant to me now.

HH and HHI aren’t the only shows I watch on the HGTV network, however. Property Brothers, hosted by the Scott bros, helps home buyers take old, fixer-upper homes and create amazing modern living spaces for half the cost.

Also, Property Virgins is another great series that helps new home buyers navigate through the current cut-throat real estate market.

(PS. The new season of PV just started, so you’re not completely behind! Get on it!)


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