Nursing Allergies

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I woke up this morning with a dried sponge in my mouth, a.ka. my tongue. My mouth was so dry that my tongue was practically shriveled up, and the back of my throat felt like sand paper when I attempted to swallow. Epic fail since I literally had nothing in my mouth to swallow. I had slept the entire night, apparently, with my mouth wide open since breathing out of my nose wasn’t an option. I sounded like Marlon Brando in The Godfather as I sputtered out “chapstick” for what was left of my lips.

Unfortunately, the cold front brought in crazy wind, and bad allergies for little ol’ me. As I’m sure everyone has experienced at some point in their lives, sleeping when your sick is no fun. I wouldn’t even call it sleeping really. I’d call it occasionally napping.

I’m all about comfort, and when I’m not feeling to well I get cranky because my comfort level plummets. In other words, I’m a big baby when I get sick.

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After I finally crawled out of bed, parched and red-eyed, I popped some of my trusty Zyrtec D which has been known to “heal” me within a few days of taking it. Luckily my nose isn’t much of a stopped up drain anymore, however,  thanks to the medicine, it has now turned into a running faucet. Sneezing has been my only abdominal workout for the past week.

I’m now sitting on my bed wearing an oversized sweatshirt and sweatpants swaddled in a blanket nestled in between my throw pillows. All I need is some “Nana Soup”,the amazing concoction of little pastas and chicken broth my Nana and mom would always make my sisters and I when we felt bad, and I’d be set.

What do you do when you’re feeling sick to make you feel better?


  1. Excellent choice. Chicken soup for the sick soul!

  2. i have chicken soup!

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