Frozen Yogurt is Good for the Body

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Frozen yogurt shops have been sprouting up all over the country these past couple of years and the craze they have created is insane. I am guilty of jumping on the “fro-yo” train. Sometimes I think I’m driving that train because I go so often. The most I have eaten frozen yogurt was 5 times one week. I was a borderline addict. Not only does it satisfy your sweet tooth, but it is lower in fat and calories than regular ice cream. That just makes me want to go out and eat more!

Frozen yogurt is rich in vitamins like vitamin B-2, B-12, and B-1. Yogurt, frozen or not, also contains essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc. It is also said to maintain and improve heart and blood vessel health. It does so by converting fiber into healthy fats which promotes good cholesterol levels. This could help decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases like high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

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The amount of calcium and protein it contains is also health beneficial. The protein in “fro-yo” helps rebuild and repair muscles. Instead of adding ice cream to your next smoothie, try frozen yogurt instead for these added health benefits.

My favorite frozen yogurt can be found at Yumilicious. I love their Avocado Tart frozen yogurt with fresh strawberry slices. If I’m craving something super sweet, I spoon on some mini M&Ms and cookie dough balls. My closest friends call it the strangest combination ever, but I call it heaven in a cup. What are some of your favorite flavors and toppings?

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  1. mmmmm froyo. now I’m craving it.

    1. I pretty much single-handedly keep the Yumilicious in Snider Plaza in business

  2. Chocolate and brownie bites can’t be beat

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