Fat Tuesday. Stuff Your Face!

Photo courtesy of vogeltalksrving.comToday is “Fat Tuesday” ak.a Mardi Gras, meaning the last day before Lent starts on the Christian calendar. Fat Tuesday is meant as a last ditch attempt to gorge yourself before you have to “fast” for forty days and nights. In other words, stuff your face today because it’s the only socially appropriate time you can eat whatever the heck you want without being judged!

Technically, we don’t really “fast” like they did back in ancient times, but instead give up a favorite food or drink item throughout the Lenten season. Also, you aren’t supposed to eat meat/meat products on Friday in observance of Good Friday.

I’ve decided to give up diet sodas for this year’s Lent. It’s something that I have given up quite a few times before, however, diet sodas (more specifically Diet Dr. Pepper) are something I enjoy drinking since I’m not a big water fan.

Now, I’ve heard conflicting theories from many other Christians, and I want to know y’alls opinion. Some say that Sunday is a “free day” meaning you can enjoy the item you gave up on Sundays. It’s sort of like a free pass throughout Lent. Others say that you are supposed to give up your chosen item the entire time.

I must admit that my opinion on this depends on how bad my craving is for whatever I gave up. If I am dying to have a soda during the week, then Sunday as a free day sounds fine with me. Yes, I know that’s horrible, but hey, sometimes you just need a soda!

What are you planning on giving up this Lenten season? And are you planning on giving it up all forty days, or do you consider Sunday a “free pass”?

One comment

  1. All I know is Fat Tuesday means KING CAKE!

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