I Love the 90s

Photo courtesy of fortheloveofthe90s.tumblr.com

It’s true. All my life I have been hearing about this show, but never once decided to give it a chance until this year. While relaxing in our hotel room during our winter vacation, my sister and I came across this show when we were flipping through the channels on TV. Nothing was really on so we decided to keep it on this show.

What is the show, you are wondering I’m sure. It’s this little series called Friends and it is hilarious. Ever since then, I have been watching it in the afternoons before I start dinner. I never knew what everyone’s fascination about it was until I watched one episode. That’s all it took, and I was hooked. No wonder people cried when it went off the air.

I think the 90s produced some of the best TV shows known to man. In no particular order, let’s pause for a moment to remember

Photo courtesy of avclub.com

some of the best:

  1. Boy Meets World
  2. Saved By the Bell
  3. Sex and the City
  4. So Weird
  5. Will and Grace
  6. Friends
Grant it, I was born in the 90s, therefore some (not all) of my TV show choices are rather kid-friendly. They were still awesome, though!
What are some of your favorite TV shows of your childhood?


  1. fav tv show would have to be friends and dawson’s creek…loved those shows

    1. Friends is so funny! I love Ross haha he’s adorable.

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