Top Spring Break Vacation Spots

Get your towels ready. It’s about to go down!

Spring Break ’12 is about to get started. It’s three days away and I literally cannot wait for a week long vacation away from classes. My family hates cold weather, therefore our lovely vacation will take place on a beautiful warm sandy beach in the Caribbean.

Whether you are planning on going to an exotic location or parking your toosh on the couch, here are some of the top destinations for this year’s spring break travelers.

  1. Cancun– Well duh. Just don’t get wasted and end up putting yourself in a sticky situation. It’s not the safest of destinations for US travelers.
  2. Panama City, Florida
  3. Miami, Florida- South Beach is where all the hottest night clubs and bars in Miami are located.
  4. Europe– London, Paris, Rome, anywhere. You know you’re gonna have a great time wherever you go in Europe. How could you not?
  5. South Padre Island, Texas– Seeing as I’m from Texas, I had to throw this

    South Padre Island, TX Photo courtesy of

    one in the mix. It’s the least expensive location on the list, but just because it’s inexpensive doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Partying Texas style is always a good way to go.

No matter what you are doing during your time off, just remember to use your better judgment and try not to let the fruity drinks consume all of your smart choices. Be safe and have fun!

What are you planning on doing this spring break?

One comment

  1. I only just started back at university so I won’t be having a break anytime soon. But i will be dreaming of warmth and sunshine…where has our summer gone?

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