Mad Men Party

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Last night I attended a friend’s Mad Men-themed birthday party. Let me start by saying that when I first heard that this party was going to be Mad Men-themed I jumped for joy. Literally. I was so excited because I had recently just bought a dress from H&M that I thought was totally “Betty Draper“.

Half of the reason why I watch that show is because of the fashion. I am in love with 1950s and 60s womenswear. So classy and sweet just like me (just kidding)! But everyone looked so sharp whether they were going to the grocery store or a fabulous five-star dinner in the city.

I had three outfits to chose from. One “fluffy” party dress I had gotten from Armani Exchange, the H&M polka-dot dress, and a pair of sea-foam blue clamdiggers from Anne Taylor with a cropped plaid top from Anthropologie. After consulting the experts of the time,  a.k.a my Nana and Mom, I went with the casual look of the clamdiggers and cropped top. It was a hit.

Mixing drinks.

The party was a ton of fun and stuck to the theme perfectly. They had a bar with a book of all the old drinks of the 60s that you could make if you wanted. They also had dips and chocolate fondue. So vintage.I had such a great time and everyone looked fabulous.

I say we start a fashion revolution and start bringing back the 60s style! Who wouldn’t love to wear poofy dresses every day of the week?!

Happy Mad Men Season 5 premiere day!

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