My New Obsession

It’s scary. If you look at my Internet history you’ll see that I’ve googled this term at least 100 times in the past few days (over 1,000 in the past few weeks I’m sure).

My latest obsession isn’t too strange. It is nothing compared to the people on My Strange Addiction who have “relationships” with their cars or enjoy sleeping with hair dryers. No, it’s nothing like that. I’m obsessed with these little fluffy beings named Corgis.

Insert Adorable Photo Here:

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After locking eyes with Ellie that one November day at the mall, Corgis have been on my mind. I’ve learned all about their origin, size, weight, temperament, everything.

To say I really want one is pretty much the understatement of the century. I have my own Corgi board on my Pinterest page (click on my Follow Me button on the right to see) and I even follow a blog called OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder that allows Corgi owners to post pics of their beloved fluff-balls.

I don’t want one just because they are so darn adorable with their oblong bodies and stumpy legs. I want one because I need a little companion. Something that will always be excited to see me and cuddle up with me at night. In fact, these dogs are known to sleep on their backs so you can actually tuck them in under the covers! Oh My Gosh! So cute.

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Yes. That’s real.

Dogs are a (wo)man’s best friend, they say. I learned that they gain weight very easily, and the excess weight can put a lot of strain on their joints. Since gaining weight has always been way easier for me than loosing it, why not get a dog that knows where I’m coming from? A girl Corgi would be the ultimate weight-loss buddy. We can go on runs together and play in the park. We’ll talk each other out of munching on snacks or treats. Flawless, or should I say “paw”-less plan.

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One thing that scares me about this breed, however, is that they are known to shed hair by the bucketful on a pretty consistent basis. Right now, I’m trying to block out that aspect, but when I am ready to buy a dog, I need to definitely take that into consideration. I understand what it’s like to have a lot of hair though. When I was growing up, my older sister often called me “Le Pouf” due to the large frizz ball on my head starting at such a young age. Mom would even tell people that I had adult hair on a kid’s body. Bonding opportunity number 2 with my future Corgi. See how meant to be we are?!

My parents said I can’t get a dog until I’m settled in my own apartment and I’m able to afford its care without their help. So in other words, I’m not getting one any time soon. Lame.

For now I’ll continue to single handedly break the world record for number of “Corgi” Google searches in one day.


  1. I never knew they slept on their back… that is so funny… I think I would laugh too much and wake them up all the time. I already laugh so much at the funny things our pups do. Thanks for sharing.

    1. When I first learned they slept on their backs I died laughing. It was just too cute!

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