Models and Photoshopping

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My older sister informed me of an article that she had read recently about photoshopping and supermodels. After the brief article it posed a question to its audience asking,”Do you think women would feel better about themselves if photos were not retouched, and we were able to see celebrities and models as their true undoctored selves?”

Hmm, let’s see. Would I like to see that these supposed “stick figure” models actually have some fat on their butt and thighs and maybe a hammertoe? Well, yeah! I’d appreciate the fact that these women have flaws because all of us do. I’m all for the curve revolution!

However, I must admit that when I see actresses or models on TV and they aren’t super skinny, I point out that fact by saying “she looks a little big” or “has she gained weight?”. Weird that I say this but still encourage the “natural” shape on public figures, isn’t it.

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I think it’s because my generation of women have grown up with people on TV who are size 2 (max) with gorgeous, shiny hair and flawless skin, therefore I expect them to be beautiful every time they are in the spotlight.I wish I didn’t think this way because I’m probably one of those people who taint the feminist cause with thoughts like this. Since that has been beaten into our brains as what “beautiful” should look like, I am super critical of any variation that I see. Unless they are pregnant. Then I cut them some slack. But even now, pregnant celebrities are still skinnier than some average women.  It’s not “normal” to me that they are heavy because it has never been “normal” for a model or actress to have some fat on them when they are in the public eye.

Nowadays, society’s view of beauty has evolved to that of a more fit, curvaceous figure (i.e. Sofia Vergara and Christina Hendricks), but will it ever be the norm? Will it ever catch on for good? Unfortunately, not any time soon. In fact, models that do have curves are labeled plus size if they are a size 6 or higher. Size 6 is still smaller than the national average. The average size of an American woman is a size 14! I think it’s because we are all so use to seeing it constantly when we were growing up that we still aren’t 100 percent ready to let it go.

What do y’all think? Do you feel that our society will ever be OK with seeing natural physiques on camera and in magazines?

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  1. Photoshopping really creates unrealistic expectations for women and our population in general. i hope we as a society can get to a point where we embrace our nuances and imperfections.

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