Hey Girl, What’s Your Name?

Photo courtesy of thirsties.com

Have you ever met someone whose name made you go, “well that’s interesting” or “is that a joke?”. I haven’t, but after reading this Huffington Post article I might just have to. Apparently, the hottest baby names of 2012 will be inspired by box office hits like Twilight and The Hunger Games.

Although some names the list I might be able to get use to, other’s made me visualize how much these kids will get made fun of once they reach middle school.

Celebrities are known for their outrageous baby names, we all know this. For example, Gwyneth Paltrow and husband Chris Martin named their little ball of love Apple. Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z named their recent newborn daughter Blue Ivy Carter . Blue Ivy Carter…. what the heck? I think the best one I’ve heard so far is actress Shannyn Sossamon‘s  kid, Audio Science. Yes, folks, that is actually his name. Poor child.

I really don’t think these couples are thinking long term when they pick out these outrageous names for their children. I can understand how they want their kid’s name to be unique, but there’s a fine line between unique and just plain dumb. One thing is for sure, it’s a definite conversation starter.

Would you ever name your kids after a fruit or fictional character ? What’s the craziest name you’ve ever heard? Do share.

For more crazy celebrity children’s names click here.


  1. kcasrkev1 · · Reply

    Samantha, I actually went to school with a girl named, hold on, Bronzilla! She was actually in my little brother’s class! And she is a pretty girl. Boy, what were her parents smoking? I haven’t run into any name any more weird than that one. Remember this when you have your own, please, for your kids’ sakes.

    1. Wow…… I’m really at a loss for words with that name. No offense to her, but I immediately think this girl is super unattractive… I plan on picking a pretty common name so my kid won’t hurt me in the future.

  2. Frank Zappa called his son Deweezil and
    his daughter Moon Unit.

    1. My question is, “but why?” haha Thanks for sharing!

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