Cruises: More Stressing than Relaxing

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Cruise ships have been getting a lot of attention lately. Not because they are so wonderful, but because of how horrible some turned out to be. First the Costa Concordia, then the Costa Allegra, and now the Star Princess. What do these three ships have in common? They are all owned by Carnival Cruises Lines, one of the top cruises lines in the world. That is, probably before these three disasters happened. Carnival Cruises, you’ve got a lotta explainin’ to do!

If I worked for Carnival’s PR department I’d probably throw up my hands at this point. Just kidding, I’d be slaving away right now trying to find a solution. What are the odds of these three misfortunes happening within the first 6 months of 2012?!

Carnival Cruises got a beating due to their supposed lack of effort from their public relations depart after the Costa Concordia ran aground back in January. The company apparently offered the shipwrecked survivors a refund and a discount on their next Carnival cruise. Honestly, if I had just survived a horrific shipwreck like that one, a cruise ship is the last place I’d ever want to be. If I were Carnival, I would have just refunded everyone the money and left it at that. What would make them think those people would ever want to take a Carnival cruise again? Also, it took Carnival weeks before they even issued an apology for what happened. That should have been the first thing to do, don’t you think?

I think this recent upset is Carnival’s chance to redeem themselves and face this crisis head on and in a timely manner.

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Princess Cruises (owned by Carnival) said in a statement:

“We’re aware of the allegations that Star Princess supposedly passed by a boat in distress that was carrying three Panamanian fishermen on March 10. At this time we cannot verify the facts as reported, and we are currently conducting an internal investigation on the matter.”

At this point, I’m sure this is all we are going to hear from the public relations department. I would expect  a thorough investigation of the crew onboard to try and figure out why there was never a rescue attempt if the facts are true, so I’m glad that they mentioned that they are taking steps to find out the real answers. I hope they don’t try to offer the victims’ families discounts on future Carnival cruises.

Let’s see if Carnival can get it right this time. What do y’all think Carnival should do?


  1. I’ve been on two cruises (not Carnival or any affiliates) and I’ve really enjoyed them. I’ve had several people who’ve been on Carnival cruises and have had a blast. Maybe this is just bad luck or back hiring? I dunno. Thanks for commenting.

  2. kcasrkev1 · · Reply

    Samantha, I tell you. I’ve never been on a cruise, although I’ve got plenty of friends, and even my wife, have all been on at least one, and they’ve been trying to get me to go for years now. This does not bode well in my book. And yes, that’s Carnival we are talking about. Maybe they can get me on the Disney cruise instead ( it’s not owned by Carnival is it? ). Just my thoughts.

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