One of Those Days

Today was one of those days that felt like it lasted forever. In fact, this week already feels way to long. I keep thinking it’s Thursday, when sadly it is not. It’s my last week of my entire educational career and I already wish it was over :/.

When I’m down in the dumps I normally just park it on the couch and click on the TV for hours of mindless staring. However, I’ve found something a little more entertaining to look at today. I thank Pinterest. (I swear this site is going to take over the world. It’s addicting!)

Here are my top 5 “pick-me-up” photos:






I just couldn’t resist throwing a Corgi photo in there. You know me.

What are some things you that help you get out of your “funk”?

* These photos were all found on Pinterest.

One comment

  1. #1 is still the best! It’s definitely been one of those weeks for me…

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