My Strange Addiction

Woman addicted to her breasts. Photo courtesy of

I get excited every time I see the title “My Strange Addiction” on my TV Guide. This show truly fascinates me. It is absolutely amazing the objects and/or people who our fellow human beings become addicted to.

Right now I’m watching the episode that features two women with abnormal attractions: one loves to eat tape and the other adores her breasts (increasing their size, that is). As odd as this episodes sounds, I’ve seen even weirder ones. I’ve watched the one about the man who has sexual relations with his car, the woman who is addicted to eating cat food, and the woman who eats her dead husband’s ashes.

One word: Bizarre.

Everyone has their weird habit(s). In fact, I have a mild addiction to chewing gum. It makes me happy 🙂

Anybody who knows me well enough knows that I go through several packs of gum a week, specifically Orbit Bubblemint. The number one reason I do it is because it keeps me from snacking throughout the day. It keeps my mouth occupied and my mind tricked into thinking I’m full during my four hours of classes until I have time for lunch.

Man in love with his car. Photo courtesy of

Obviously, my addiction isn’t nearly as severe or “strange” as the ones listed above. There really isn’t an emotional reason behind my gum chewing other than that I don’t want to snack because excessive snacking leads to weight gain on my small frame. Some of these people on the show, however, have major emotional baggage that they need to let go of whether it be a loss of a loved one or an abusive childhood.

People underestimate the toll that traumatic experiences take on your psyche. For these people, their grief or struggles translated in to outrageous, and sometimes deadly, habits.

Do you have any “strange” addiction or habits you’re brave enough to share?


  1. kcasrkev1 · · Reply

    Samantha! That’s why there are more channels to watch. Thank God for ESPN! The woman eating the tape made no sense to me. I had to turn.

    1. Ya some of these habits boggle my mind. How can you decide to start eating ashes? Or cat food? Or drink bleach?

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I love my car, just not THAT much

    1. Sometimes I wonder…

  3. I like watching that show too. Very bizarre!

    1. Sometimes I can’t watch it because it makes my stomach hurt.

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