Graduation Weekend

Two words: best friends. Notice the height differences .

It’s a warm and stormy night deep in the heart of Texas. I’m sitting on my bed in my parents house exhausted from the extremely long day of packing and moving back home from college.

This weekend I officially graduation from Southern Methodist University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. *Applause*. After a short four years, my official academic career ended with a fanfare of family and obnoxious choir gowns, a.k.a graduation regalia.

Condoleezza Rice giving the commencement speech.

My parents, sister and brother-in-law, and maternal grandparents all came up to watch us walk across the stage and receive our diplomas. Our commencement ceremony on Saturday morning was one of my favorite parts of my graduation weekend, second to that of physically receiving my diploma and hugging my professors goodbye. Our speaker was the one-and-only Condoleezza Rice, former United States Secretary of State. I truly enjoyed her speech. Not just because I felt like she actually knew what she was talking about when it came to succeeding in one’s career, but I enjoyed listening to her tell stories of her childhood and educational years as young black women in the 1960s and 1970s. Regardless of what political viewpoint you hold, you can’t deny that she truly is a remarkable women.

Not only did we graduate from college this weekend, but today we packed up our 3-story town home and drove back home. With the help of professional movers, we began our packing ordeal at 8:15 AM and arrived back to our hometown at 8 PM. It was literally a 12-hour moving extravaganza! We meet the movers tomorrow morning at the storage unit we rented out to complete the final unloading of our furniture and appliances.

Journalism Friends.

I must admit it was extremely bittersweet seeing our once beautifully decorated town home completely empty except for the stack of brown boxes in the corner. It’s amazing how quickly 3 and a half years in one place just flies by. As cliché as it sounds, it felt like only yesterday we were sitting at our kitchen table with nothing but a TV in our condo.

Alas, we are home again only to be living at our parents house until Sis and I find jobs and are able to afford an apartment on our own. Although I am glad to be home, the life of a college student – independent and carefree – will sorely be missed. The happy hours with close friends and the 6 AM crew calls from SMU’s daily morning show, The Daily Update, are now just happy memories. One thing will remain the same, however. I’ll forever be an SMU Mustang.

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