Where the Cheaters Are

Photo courtesy of usa-country-map.com

I was reading the latest issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine the other day when I came across a page with a map on it. I immediately spotted my hometown’s name as one of the 10 cities listed on the map. I always get excited when I see my hometown mentioned in something national, whether it be on Good Morning America‘s weather segment or in a magazine. I guess you can say I have a little bit of city pride.

As I began to read the blurb next to this yellow United States map, I quickly realized I shouldn’t be proud that my city was on here, but rather nervous. The title of the map: Where the Cheaters Are.

*Dun, Dun, Dun*

Here is the blurb that coincides with the image:

“The website ashelymadison.com (the OkCupid for the wife-betraying snakes of the world) recently tracked the cities where they have the most male members per capita…”

Photo courtesy of articles.businessinsider.com

My hometown is #2. Number 2! I’m embarrassed. There goes my plans for getting married and raising a family here. I don’t want my future husband accidentally (or purposefully) contributing to this websites stats.

What really amazes me about this article is the fact that websites like AshelyMadison.com even exist! Its purpose is to hook-up married men and women who are wanting to cheat on their significant others. Um… if this doesn’t prove that there’s something on the Internet for everyone I don’t know what does. You can buy cars, you can buy clothes, and now you can buy cheaters!What is this world coming to?

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