A Blast From The Past

I’ve never re-blogged anything before, but since I’m going to be busy for the next week and a half I figured this post is worth sharing. Since I’m a history minor, this article really fascinated me. It’s amazing to see what life was like over 100 years ago.

The Big Séance Podcast


I’ve never been to San Francisco, but I’ve often wanted to visit because it looks so beautiful, plus I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Armistead Maupin and his Tales of the City series of books that take place there.

But… have you seen this video?

I’ve gotten trapped into watching this whole thing many times in the last few years after I found it initially. It is a trip down Market Street. It was apparently originally thought to have been filmed in 1905, but was really filmed  four days before the big San Francisco earthquake in 1906.

It isn’t paranormal at all, but it is so haunting to watch for several reasons. First off, who isn’t impressed with footage from 1906? You can learn so much about history just from the video. For instance, these people were reckless and not afraid of getting run over or trampled by…

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  1. I’m glad you liked it! 🙂 I could even sit and watch the videos again! 🙂

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