Beaumont and Pensacola Trip

Pensacola Beach.

Yay! I’m back. It feels great to finally be blogging again. I was suffering from a slight case of withdrawal. Thanks for being patient with the lack of postings over the past days.

What an amazing vacation I had. Like all vacations, I’m sad it had to come to an end. Over the past ten days a lot has happened, but I’m going to fill you in on the most important because there isn’t enough space to recount everything. Instead I’ll go through days sharing what I found most important or special about them.

Shall we begin?

Day 1: Southwest Airlines somehow lost my luggage. What amazes me is that I only had ONE flight from my hometown to Houston. Although my bag was tagged correctly when I checked it at the ticket counter, it somehow got put with United Airlines baggage. At least that is what the people at Houston Hobby told me. Because BF doesn’t live in Houston but an hour and a half outside it, the airport luggage transport car can’t deliver it. What does this mean? They would have had to ship my luggage to their place and it would have taken two days since I flew in on a Sunday. They told me my bag wouldn’t get there until Tuesday, but I could wait for it if I wanted to since it would be on the next Houston-bound Southwest flight in two hours. Looks like I really didn’t have a choice, did I? BF and I ended up waiting 2 hours for my bag. The only good thing that came out of having to wait was that Southwest gave me a $100 voucher for the inconvenience. So it all payed off.

Day 5: We woke up at 5:30 AM to pack up the cars and get our road trip to Pensacola, Florida underway. Because I have a weird sleeping pattern, waking up at 5 AM really wasn’t too bad since I always end up waking up at five and then falling back asleep. Every. Single. Day. I’ve never driven through the South and was excited to finally see what Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and the northern part of Florida looked like. Most of it was swamp and trees in case anyone is curious. It was a different type of pretty that I am not used to, but I enjoyed driving through and seeing the different environment.

Driving through Louisiana in the early morning.

Seven hours later we arrive in Pensacola and grab the keys to our rental house from the management property office. We walk in to what I thought was a very nice place. Until we noticed that the place had obviously not been cleaned thoroughly before we had gotten there. There was sand all over the floor, on the beds, and within the bed sheets. The carpet in the kitchen hadn’t been vacuumed and the counters not even wiped. In other words, it was messy. The layout and location was perfect, though. It was right on the beach and took a totally of 3 seconds to reach the sand.

Another interesting fact to point out about Memorial Day weekend in Pensacola: it was Gay and Lesbian Pride weekend.

View of our place from the beach.

Days 6-8: The next couple of days was full of sun, sand, and me being afraid of getting in the water. However, I want everyone to know that I finally worked up the courage to submerge myself up to my shoulders into the water! Yay, Sam! I was even out in the water for over 30 minutes which is a pretty big deal for a girl who hates being in the ocean (click here for more information as to why). I did freak myself out several times, however. I startled myself because my swimsuit bottom touched my lower back in the water which made me think an ocean creature was attacking me. It wasn’t one of my finer moments.

The BF and his brothers playing football in the water.

I also got to meet a lot of BF’s extended Italian family. They were all incredibly nice and I loved hearing them speak Italian to one another. Regardless of whether they were gossiping about me right in front of my face or just talking about the weather, their Italian was beautiful and I listened intently every time I heard them. With a big family comes a lot of eating and over the past 10 days I felt like that’s all I did. I can’t complain too much though because everything I ate was incredibly delicious. Every bit of pizza, ice cream sandwiches and chips I stuffed in my face was worth every calorie.

Day 9: We headed back to Texas around 10 AM on the 9th day. Unfortunately, the trip back felt 10 times longer than the trip going. They always feel like that, it seems. When we finally got back to the BF’s house we all plopped ourselves on the couch, tired and tan. We ended up watching the funniest show I’ve ever seen. It’s called (Im)practical Jokers and I am demanding that everyone see it. I laughed until tears came out of my eyes and my abdominal muscles clenched so tight I thought I was going to be in a permanent flex for the rest of my life.

I know that’s an extremely fast version of my trip, but I hope it gave y’all a little idea of what I’ve been up to for the past week and a half. I definitely want to go back to Pensacola. It was a wonderful little beach town with crystal clear water and enjoyable weather.

What have y’all been up to for the past week?


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