Versatile Blogger Award

Just when I thought the most exciting part of my day was going to be eating my Skinny Cow Mocha Truffle ice cream pop, I was notified that SusartandFood nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.

I was a little shocked because at times I can’t understand how or why some people would want to read about my daily life and all the exciting (or most of the time uneventful) moments of it. So, thank you SusartandFood for reiterating that people actually do enjoy reading it!

What a huge compliment to be nominated. I really am touched.

Here’s how it works.

  • Share who gave you the award with a link back to their blog
  • Write down seven random facts about yourself
  • Give this award to seven other bloggers
  • Let them know they’ve wonPost the award on your blog


2. I love watching the new Spartacus series on Starz. I’m so mad I have to wait a whole year for a new season. Ugh!

Cosmopolitan is my FAVORITE magazine.

I need a full-time paying job.

I LOVE getting back and feet massages. I make BF rub my feet almost every time I see him.

I love to shop, yet I never like buying anything. I tend to try on and then “think about it” before I buy.

I love to read. I prefer reading to watching TV at night.

Sweets will be the death of me. This I am certain.

3. The Big Seance – A blog about the paranormal. Very interesting stuff!

Rod Arters– Love his writing style.

  OCD: Obesessive Corgi Disorder – Just because I’m obsessed with corgis. Don’t judge me!


  1. I was already a fan of your blog – but how can I not like this one? Thanks for the award and the shout out! Keep writing! 🙂

  2. Wow, thank you Samantha! I’m honored. I was honored with this award a few months ago but unfortunately I didn’t even KNOW 7 blogs to award. 🙂 I think I’ll claim it now. It might take me a day or two but I’ll get on it. Thanks again!

  3. That’s awesome!! Congrats babe

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