Nutrition Tour Through HEB

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Last Thursday the staff at The Greater Chamber took a guided tour through H.E.B grocery store as a part of their company wellness program. For their last lesson, the nutritionist that had worked with them for the past six weeks took them on a “guided tour” through the grocery store explaining certain foods that they should buy and certain foods they should avoid while grocery shopping. I was asked to tag along, and of course I was down to go.

For the past few years I’ve read a lot about nutrition and dieting. At one point I might have become a little obsessed :/I knew a lot about what to buy and what not to buy already, but I figured it’d be great to learn more! You can never know everything about something. I think that’s a saying. If not, it should be. (I copyright that saying RIGHT NOW if it isn’t already.)

A lot of the stuff I already knew, but here are a few things that I did learned during our tour.

  • When buying fruits and vegetables, make sure to consider what season the fruit typically grows best in. Then, think about where the fruit is imported from. For example, tangerines are imported from Chile. Tangerines are a summer fruit, and right now it is winter in South America. Therefore, you should avoid buying tangerines because it isn’t the right growing season for them.
  • When picking yellow onions, choose the ones with the most brown skin on the outside. The onions with most of their outer skin still intact are typically better.
  • The darker the bottle, the better the olive oil is for you.
  • When looking at cereals, check the label. You want to eat those with 25 carbohydrates or less and with 3 or more grams of fiber.
  • Kind and Larabar are the best brands for granola bars.

Happy shopping!

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