Birthdays Are Meant to Last A Week

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What a crazy weekend I had, and it mostly consisted of eating and drink wine. (I said it was crazy, I didn’t say it was bad.)

Thursday night I attended my aunt’s surprise birthday party at El Jarro, one of her favorite Mexican restaurants. Every fried item that could be found on a Mexican menu, I had. Chips, taquitos, quesadillas, you name it I ate it. (+1)

Friday night my parents,my parent’s friends, Sis and I all went to happy hour at this fabulous new steakhouse called Perry’s. We enjoyed three bottles of wine and delicious appetizers. My new favorite hang out in town for sure. It’s definitely a place where you can dress up nice and enjoy a fruity cocktail. So Sex and the City. I feel a girl’s night coming on! (+1)

Saturday night my family and I went to Bohanan’s steakhouse for Sis and I’s 22nd birthday dinner. Oh my gosh. Some of the best food I’ve ever had in town. I had a sea bass that was as thick as a steak! My mouth is watering as I write. I highly, highly recommend this restaurant. It’s very upscale, so it’d be perfect for a special occasion like an anniversary or engagement. Not that I’ve already planned it out or anything… (+1)

Sunday was Father’s Day. Can you guess what my family did? We ate. We went to brunch at Brio’s Tuscan Grillwhere we sat out on the patio and enjoyed mimosas and lots of food. (+1)

Can you see the pattern with my family yet?

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Today is Sis and I’s actual birthday. Yes, I am officially 22 years old despite the fact that when people first see me they assume I’m just starting high school. Just because a person is short doesn’t mean they are an adolescent! Sore subject if you can’t tell. My parents, sisters and brother-in-law met me downtown on the Riverwalk for our birthday lunch since I had to work today. Strange place the real world is. They make you work on birthdays….hmmmm. Peculiar.(+1)

Needless to say my birthday weekend was filled with food, family and fun. I’m sure you all are wondering why there are “+1″s after every paragraph. I figured I’d share the amount of pounds I probably put on from the sheer amount of food I stuffed into my mouth each night. As I write this, my stomach is swollen and uncomfortable from shoving salad and fudgesicle into my face as if I don’t know when or where my next meal is coming from. Ugh. The pain.

However, the birthday week isn’t over! BF is coming in town on Friday to celebrate with me which means more eating and drinking. I can’t wait 🙂

Have a great week, y’all!

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