It’s Hot, Hot, Hot!

It’s official. Summer has begun and the temperature is just a testament to how miserable Texas summers can be from the get-go.

I’m looking at my weather app on my phone and it reads 88 degrees which I think is a big lie since the high today is supposed to reach 100 degrees. Walking from the garage to my office building (a total of 5 minutes) I’m pretty sure I contracted an awful farmer’s tan along with the beginnings of a sunburn.

As I was walking I realized that I probably should have put on sunscreen today. I didn’t think I’d need it since I’d only be outside for brief periods of time walking to and from the office, but I’m starting to realize it might be a good idea. My shoulders and face were red and hott by the time I made it inside.

Also, I was recently at an appointment where my doctor told me that there have been more and more cases with people who have found skin cancer on their hands or aging of their hands. Why? Because when they are driving their hands are exposed to sunlight through the window, and no one is putting sunscreen on their hands before they drive because they think the window is good enough UV protection. Yikes!

Suggestion of the day:

I  am in the category of people who do not apply sunscreen unless I’m planning on laying out by the pool, however I’m writing this out so that I can now have a written commitment. Apply sunscreen to your hands, face, and shoulders/ legs if they will be exposed to the sun throughout the day. It takes two seconds, and can’t hurt. Literally, it only helps you when you apply.

Make an effort to protect your skin today so you don’t have to worry about having to cover it up tomorrow.

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