Leather-Shoe Job Searching

Photo courtesy of keloland.com

Yesterday I actually physically went and passed out my résumé to businesses around San Antonio. I felt so old-school walking in to hand them my hard copy, but after hearing that showing up in person shows commitment and dedication to the job, I decided to test the theory. I actually enjoyed going from place to place because then I got to see what the offices looked like and could tell if they keep up with cleanliness and a comfortable work space. That’s pretty important to me. I’m all about being clean.

Turns out only 1 out of the 4 places I went to was hiring. Unfortunately, I had to apply online. Although there was really no point in showing up at the location and handing in my résumé, I feel like I might have gotten an upper hand now that they can put a face to my résumé.

I’ve actually had a pretty busy week in regards to job searching. I had a phone interview Tuesday and have a face-to-face interview tomorrow. I’ve come to find that I am more relaxed talking to a person face-to-face when they are giving me an interview and not so much over the phone. There’s something about being able to read facial expressions and body language that helps you figure out whether they like you or think your full of poo. Phone interviews obviously deny you that luxury.

Cross your fingers and let’s hope tomorrow’s interview goes smoothly. Girlfriend needs a job! And just think of it this way, once I get one I can stop complaining about it to y’all! We’d all win in this situation.

Until then, Happy Hump Day.

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