Lake Time and a Glass of Wine

This weekend my friends from college and I headed to one of our friend’s lake house for a mini reunion. It’s been over two months since I’ve seen most of them and  I was so happy that we finally found a weekend that we could all meet up. It was the perfect time to go since lately I’ve been rather stressed with everything that has been going on… or should I say hasn’t been going on?

Our friend’s house is in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, a place that sis and I use to go to often when my aunt and uncle owned a lake house there. We’ve always loved going up there so it was great to be back.

As we all started trickling into the house, one after the other, I realized just how much I’ve missed these boys. They were always the ones we called up when we wanted to go out and grab a drink or go out to dinner. And did I mention they are the funniest group of guys I know?

We spent most of Saturday out on the boat cruising around the lake occasionally stopping so that we could all jump in the water and cool off. It was SO HOTT! The water was so warm it felt like we were jumping into a bathtub.

The guys even decided to bust out the wakeboard. Some had an easier time than others 😉

Just. Got. To. Stand. UP!

There you go, BF!

What a pro.

I was pretty sad to leave today, but can’t wait to see them at the lake again some time soon! Thankfully, Texas weather allows us to keep hanging out on the water well into fall.

What’d y’all do this weekend?


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    looks like yall had a lot of fun! i want to hear about it!

  2. These people look like a ton of fun!

    1. I only put pictures of the fun ones up here 🙂 haha

  3. So much fun!

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