Governor Rick Perry Gets Down to Business with Joe Pags

“The President ought to get up every day and thank God for Texas because the nation’s job creation numbers would really be tanking if it wasn’t for Texas,” joked Governor Rick Perry who sat down with 1200 News Radio WOAI personality Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo for The Chamber’s Conversation with the Governor luncheon on June 5.

With an audience of more than 260, the governor and Pags chatted about Texas’ growing economy despite the nation’s unsettling economic situation over the past years.

“At the end of the day we’re doing it right in Texas,” said Gov. Perry.

For the past four years, Texas has been voted the best state to do business in by Chief Executive Magazine. Gov. Perry credits Texas’ success to state legislation that helps keep taxes low and regulations predictable so that people will feel more comfortable risking their money in hopes of returns on their investments.

“If you don’t have the predictability of taxes and stability in the regulatory environment, if you don’t feel you’re going to be able to risk capital and have to go spend way too much time at the courthouse because they’ve allowed frivolous lawsuits to go forward, then you’re not going to go risk that capital. You’re going to look a lot like California,” the governor said.

Although Texas has seen increased revenues, following a strict budget is still very important to the governor. He recently sent letters to agencies around the state asking them to develop their legislative appropriation requests for the 2014-2015 fiscal budget and try to reduce it by 10 percent.

Recent state budget cuts have left several special interest groups with less money to spend in areas like education and transportation. Gov. Perry acknowledged these cuts but ensured that they were necessary in order to keep Texas prosperous.

“I’ve been given a responsibility to not put this state in a position that is precarious from the standpoint of our economic condition,” says Gov. Perry. “One of the reasons Texas is as successful as it is today is because we have not gone on a spending spree.”

The governor is scheduled to visit California in mid-June to meet with business about relocating to Texas. “You have to fish where the fish are, and there are a lot of fish in California,” noted Gov. Perry.

Click here to view the entire discussion on The Chamber’s website.

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