CBS Evening News Anchor to Keynote Chamber’s 2012 Economic Outlook Conference

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Scott Pelley, one of the most experienced reporters in broadcast journalism, will be the keynote speaker for The Greater Chamber’s MacroSA: Economic Outlook Conference on Wednesday, September 12.

“It’s rare that one person can capture the trust of millions of people, let alone every evening, but Pelley manages to do it with confidence and ease each time he begins his newscast,” said Richard Perez, Chamber President and CEO.

Pelley is coming by invitation and through a special sponsorship from our local CBS affiliate, KENS 5.

Born in San Antonio, Texas but raised in Lubbock, Pelley began his journalism career earlier than most. At age 15 he misrepresented his age in order to get a job as a copyboy at the Lubbock Avalanche –Journal. From then on his passion for journalism never faltered. He attended Texas Tech University where studied journalism.

Before making his way to CBS News, he began his broadcast career working at local television stations in Lubbock and Dallas/Fort Worth. In 1989 he began his work with the CBS network as a New-York based reporter, and was soon transferred to Dallas as their correspondent from 1990-1999.

Soon he was promoted to CBS as Chief White House reporter where he covered the Clinton White House scandal involving former President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Pelley is credited with breaking more stories than any other reporter during this time. He also covered the Gulf War, the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing and the Branch Davidian siege just to name a few.

To demonstrate his perseverance to reach the highest level in his profession, Pelley was overlooked five times before finally landing his  position at CBS’ 60 Minutes TV news program in 1999. In 2004, he moved to the Sunday edition of the broadcast from which he is most widely known. Pelley has been with CBS for 21 years and covered numerous world events during his career like the September 11 Attacks, the war in Afghanistan and, most recently, the Aurora, Colorado Movie Theater Massacre collecting several awards for his reporting along the way.

Pelley was named anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News in May 2011, replacing Katie Couric at the desk. On June 6, CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley debuted.

Because of his achievements, Scott Pelley was recently inducted into Texas Tech University’s Hall of Fame in 2006. He also serves on the board of the university’s School of Mass Communications.

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