We Are So Italian: Pasta-Making Saturday

Being Italian, you’d think we had already tried to do this, but no! It has all been talk until Saturday afternoon when my mom, sisters and I got together to make homemade spaghetti. With our aprons, recipe and ingredients ready to go, we embarked on a journey that many may find daunting, however, we persevered and it definitely paid off. I have pictures to prove it.

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Aren’t you proud? We decided to make the pasta from scratch for a delicious recipe called “My Cousin Vinny’s Linguine and Scallops” that my mom found in one of her old cookbooks, The Little Italy Cookbook. We obviously substituted spaghetti for the linguine, but I’m sure you can choose whatever type of pasta you want. We knew it’s gonna be awesome by the smell alone! We dumped some scallops and mushrooms in the pasta and poured a delicious tomato-based red sauce all over it. Alright, who’s hungry now?

Of course, no Italian meal is complete without ANOTHER carb on the plate. Ciabatta bread was our poison of choice. Don’t worry, we had something green. Mom made a delicious salad so that we all felt a little less guilty stuffing our face with everything else not so great for your body.

End result: happily stuffed to the brim.

How’d you spend your Saturday? Have you ever tried to make pasta?

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