Eavesdropping: We All Do It

Photo courtesy of spinstheworld.com

Don’t freak out, but I’m sitting in a hospital waiting room writing this post. I’m waiting on a family member who underwent minor surgery this morning. No big deal. The doctor already told me it went perfectly. Good stuff.

While I’ve been waiting, families have come and gone, content with the news they’ve heard from the doctors about their loved ones. I couldn’t help myself, but when the doctor came in to talk to speak with this one family I started to listen to what he was saying. I know it’s a personal conversation between the doctor and the family members of the patient, however, they were talking right in front of me and, of course, I’m going to listen! Who wouldn’t? 

The conversation they had ended up being kind of boring, but it made me curious about why their family member was in surgery.

So why am I writing this post?

  1. Because I’m bored waiting around now that I know she is OK (thank goodness they have free wi-fi), but
  2. I wanted to know if y’all think eavesdropping is natural or just plain rude.

I did it very discreetly, of course. I have a computer in front of me. No one suspects a girl with a pink laptop…. 🙂



  1. Definitely natural, we all do it – I notice people listening in on my conversations all the time so I figure I might as well do the same to others 😛

    1. That’s how I feel. Unless I’m talking about something really juicy. Then if I notice someone is listening in, I stare at them until they know I know! hahah thanks for stopping by.

  2. Natural. It’s the reason all those “reality” shows are popular. Now, if you pulled up a chair next to the family and their doctor, that would proabably be rude.

    1. Ya I definitely didn’t do that. I was just multi-tasking: typing and eavesdropping 🙂 thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting!

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