Teen Commandments

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We had a topic on Great Day SA Wednesday about the ‘Teen Commandments”, ten rules to live by when raising or living with a teenager.

Reading through the commandments made me reminisce over my teen years. Some of the commandments, I thought, made sense now having looked back. Others didn’t really apply to me. But had my parents abided by these rules, I wonder how my teenage years would have turned out. I must say that I survived that period of my life relatively unscathed, apart from the expected first heartbreak and busted house party.

Check out the commandments and tell me your thoughts.

1. You shall not attempt to engage in meaningful conversation in the morning. I’m a morning person, but my twin sis is not. This obviously became a rule because of people like her. (:) )

2. You shall not approve the use of more than two electronic devices simultaneously.

3. You shall not offer commentary about haircuts, hairstyles or hair colors.

4. You shall not offer helpful suggestions on homework management.

5. You shall not extend curfew beyond midnight. (My parents would always say, “nothing good happens after midnight”.)

6. You shall not expect a fully functioning frontal cortex.

7. You shall not believe in the chaperoning abilities of the “older sibling.”

8. You shall eat dinner together as often as you can.

9. You shall not hesitate if they call and say they need a ride home from a party.

10. You shall remember that you were 16 once. (It’s kind of weird to imagine my parents at 16. To me, they’ve never been younger than 40.)

Would you add any/ change any?

Click here for the Teen Commandments article.


  1. You’re blog is so cute, we love it!! Would love for you to check out our latest posts when you have a minute!


    xo, April & Brittan

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Would love to look at your blog.

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