Labor Day Fun Facts

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I haven’t written a ‘fun facts’ post in FOR-EV-ER (said in the slo-mo voice of the Sandlot kid).

Today seems like a great day to pick it back up again 1) because it’s a holiday and 2) because it’s a holiday that I know nothing about other than I get a day off from work.

Let’s get to learning about our national holidays!

  • Slow down a bit. The first Labor Day was held in order to gain support for the 8 hour work day. Until this point, the average work day was 12 hours! Yuck…
  • Thank Grover Cleveland for this day off.  Making Labor Day an official national holiday as part of his political campaign, in 1894, President Grover Cleveland signed a law making Labor Day an officially recognized US holiday.
  • And thank Canada, too.  Many Americans think this is purely an American holiday, however, Labor Day originates from Canada. In 1872 a parade was held in support of a strike against the 58 hour workweek. As a result, 24 union leaders who were responsible for organizing the event were arrested under anti-union laws.
  • White is the official color, or is it? It has always been known that after Labor Day you can’t wear white anymore. This fashion statement is said to have originated from the well-to-do who wore white during their summer vacations but then donned their dark colors for when they returned to the dusty city. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Except nowadays, wearing white after Labor Day has become the thing to do! So don’t worry about this being your fashion faux pas. There are so many other ways to ruin an outfit.

Is it just me or do y’all feel like we need at least a couple of ‘Labor Days’ throughout the year? One just doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

For Labor Day fun check out these sites:,

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