Turkish Delight

Photo courtesy of dine-out-sa.com

Since my eating schedule has become rather random lately thanks to my internship, I tend to eat lunch later in the afternoon right about the time I start getting light-headed and my stomach feels like a giant hand is squeezing emptiness out of it (doubt that makes much sense, but just go with it). My point is, I tend to eat lunch when I absolutely have to because I get so focused on my work I don’t want to stop.

At about 1 PM, my co-worker Roger and I finally headed out to lunch to a little café we had driven by earlier in the week. We both like trying new places to eat so we chose this as our latest victim.

Little did we know, the place had closed down. We walk up to the door only to see that the entire restaurant had been gutted and nothing remained but light fixtures and chipped walls.

Plan B. Again, earlier in the week we had driven by a Turkish restaurant that we thought looked rather interesting. I suggested we try this place instead.

Turquoise Grill it was! We walked in to a quite, but spacious restaurant with Middle Eastern-style colors and wall decorations. I understand Turkey isn’t a Middle Eastern country, but their culture does have influences from other Middle Eastern cultures.

Moving on. We sat down in the corner all excited about our cultural excursion we were about to embark on. We are both fans of trying new foods, so we were glad we had chosen this place!

After vacillating between so many good-looking dishes on the menu, we settled on Doner wraps. For those who are unaware of what Doner is, it’s seasoned meat roasted on a vertical spit. (It is also called a gyro.)

It was excellent. Although large, it was super light and filling.

Exhibit A:

Photo courtesy of Roger Soto.

I have actually been to Turkey, believe it or not, and despite what some may say, this country was amazing! The food from this restaurant definitely reminded me of the meals we ate over there.

On a side note,  I suggest everyone visit this country if they get the chance. Talk about a culture shock, but in a good way! As if I’m not a fan of enough things, I love learning about different cultures, and this was definitely one of my favorite places to visit just because they live so differently than how we live here in the States.

Needless to say, Roger and I now want to plan a weekly lunch outing to different exotic restaurants around SA. Let’s hope our stomachs can handle it!

P.S. Don’t let the outside of the Turquoise Grill or the area it’s in discourage you from trying it out. It’s one of those hidden treasures where you just have to try it to understand.

Have you guys ever tried Turkish food?


  1. kcasrkev1 · · Reply

    Hi Sam, It’s Kevin. I’m baaaaacccckkkk! At least for now. If they don’t kick me off again, I will be back for a long time, hopefully. Although I haven’t been able to comment on your blogs, I have been keeping up with them. You’ve been doing an amazing job! Keep up the good work! You make me wish I was your age. I’d come to SA and find you. You inspire me! No kidding. You actually have found something young in life that you love to do. I have found the same, but I’m twice your age, and then some. Better late than never, I guess. I absolutely love trying new foods! I am a new-food-finding connossuer ( I guess that’s how you spell it ). Then, I go home and try to make the same dish, only better. Try that out for size, then it will expand your home-cooking culinary skills, ones you can try on your family and friends. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Kevin! Welcome back! Thanks so much for the kind words. I would come back and try all these foods except I don’t have the patience for cooking , just eating haha ps thanks for keeping up with the blog. It means a lot that you enjoy it enough to follow along.

  2. Hi Samantha: I just returned from a wonderful trip to Turkey. After three days in Istanbul I joined 13 others from the UK, Australia, and the U.S. on a gulet trip along coast of Turkey to see the ruins in small towns. Awesome! The gulet chef was Turkish and the food we ate was wonderful. Because I’m a vegetarian, I was constantly amazed at the creative ways they use yogurt and vegetables. We ate lots of fruit and yogurt, very helthy eatiung. I also learned to love Ayran, their yogurt drink which is refreshing and hits the spot for a cold drink full of protein. I’d love to go back again.

    1. Turkey was amazing. Did you get a chance to go to the ancient city of Ephesus? As a history buff, I died and went to heaven when I stepped foot in the ruins. Oh My Gosh. One of the most amazing historical places I’ve ever been to. I’m glad you had a great time!

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