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I feel like I have completely neglected little Green Eggs and Sam lately, but for it’s all for a good cause!

In case some don’t already know, I’ve been offered a chance to be the Social Media Manager for a lovely vintage accessories boutique called The Vintage Contessa. I’m responsible for blogging and managing all social media sites for them.

I am super excited to be offered the chance to apply my social media skills to help increase business for this company.

The Vintage Contessa is in Houston, therefore, I work remotely which is a tad bit difficult but we are making it work! I’m very excite, but extremely busy now that I added a whole new list of tasks to my to-do list each day. I’m still working at Great Day SA which is perfect because now I’m doing my two loves: social media and television.

I’m scared to admit anything in fear of jinxing myself, but things are good, my friends. Things are good.

Now for my shameless plug: Great Day SA is so close to reaching 10,000 followers on Facebook! Please show your support for the show by ‘liking’ the page. And while you’re at it, please like The Vintage Contessa page and follow us on twitter…. and Pinterest! It’d mean a lot.

As always, thanks so much for all your support of my past, present and future endeavors.


  1. Thanks for the shameless plug 😉 Keep up the great work!

  2. Congrats on your positions! They sound like fun!

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