Smiles are Contagious

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This afternoon my day was made a little better by a sweet jester from a total stranger. My neighborhood, I’d like to think, is a pretty friendly one. I always wave when I drive by a walker or runner. Well, today I was driving through my neighborhood when a school bus passed me going the opposite direction. As the bus drove by, the bus driver gave me a big old Texas wave! What made it even better was that he was wearing a cowboy hat and blue jean button down shirt. Legit Southern hospitality. I love it!

Of course, I waved back and gave a big smile. What a nice guy! I love it when people are friendly especially to those they have no clue about. I try to keep a smile on my face when I’m walking around in public because I’ve always heard that your smile just might make people’s day a bit better if they are feeling down and lonely. Remember that people.

I do what I can to make the world a better place 🙂

Has a stranger’s kind gesture ever made your day a little better?

Happy Thursday evening.

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