Work Hard, Play Harder

I headed to Houston this weekend for business reasons, however, it ended up being a really fun “business” trip. I’m fortunate enough to work for a great, uber-girly company that allows me to talk about fashion all day long. Sounds fun, right?

I headed to Houston on my first business trip for an opportunity to see the business first-hand and get a better grasp on their expectations of our social media plans.

Since I am related to the owners of the company, they were gracious enough to let me stay at their house for the two nights I was there. Can I just say that their guest room where I slept looks like it fell right off a Pinterest post? Gorgeous!

This weekend was more play than work since we spent all day among designer handbags and jewelry. Talk about luxurious.

Here are some of my favorite pieces she has on sale now.

Vintage Louis Vuitton Handbag.

A wall of amazingness!

Perfect for holiday gifts. Guys, are you paying attention?

Since October is half way over (can you believe it?!), after a few hours at the office we came home to help their adorable daughter carve a pumpkin with her neighborhood friends.

Check out how much fun we had:

It was a great weekend. It’s always nice to get out of one’s daily routine and travel. Right?

Now back to work…


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