Road Trip To Dallas

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I went to Dallas this past weekend for the Jason Aldean/ Luke Bryan concert, which happened to land on the same weekend of my first SMU Homecoming as an alumna.

To say this weekend was “much needed” is an understatement. I’ve been so busy lately that I started to neglect many things in my life that are important to me like my relationships and healthy eating. Being the obsessive perfectionist that I am, I find it hard to balance work and personal life since I’m so focused on doing a good job for my clients. I obviously realize I’d better learn how to or this it’s going to be a long, stressful road ahead. 

This weekend gave me a chance to slow down and enjoy my time with BF and college friends I haven’t seen in months. It was bittersweet when I saw the Dallas skyline as memories flooded back into my mind of fun nights and sunny days as a college student. To think I was so ready to get out of school my senior year… Now I’m jealous of those still on campus, wishing that my days of work were over by noon like they were my last two years at school.

Friday night, BF and I enjoyed a cozy dinner at one of the many restaurants we used to eat at while living in D-town. It felt so normal to be back there. At one point we started driving back to campus, forgetting that we no long had places around there! Muscle memory is amazing.

Saturday, after a filling breakfast at IHOP, BF, his brothers and I headed out to the Boulevard to meet up with their parents and some friends of ours. Four hours later we headed back to BF’s brother’s apartment to get ready for the concert.

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That night BF and I grabbed our blankets and hopped in the car. We arrived at the concert with about 45 minutes to spare before the opening act took the stage. We found a great spot on the lawn and unfolded our blankets. There we froze for the next 3 hours. The concert was amazing, but the weather was less than stellar. Reaching what I know must have been 30 degrees, I lost feeling in my feet and BF lost feeling in his hands halfway through the show. That’s right, my feet went numb despite the fact that I was moving around dancing/ trying to keep warm.

Despite being so cold, we both enjoyed a great night of good music under the stars.

Heading home this Sunday afternoon, BF and I vowed to take more road trips to Dallas. We both love and miss our friends up there. Plus, it was a great chance to spend some “us” time together.

Until the next trip…


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