Crazy For Cars

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I’ve never been one to care about cars. I think some cars are cool, while others aren’t, but that’s as far as my critique goes. However, BF is a different story. To say he likes cars would be discrediting his very existence. He LOVES cars! He’s the only man I know that can spout off random facts about every single car we see on the road.

When we started dating he’d spend hours in his garage waxing his car until late at night. He even prefers to wash his car himself because he doesn’t trust others to do it. Some may call him crazy, I’m just glad he’s addicted to automobiles and not drugs…

The other day we drove to get some frozen yogurt when we came across a car show in the parking lot of Outdoor World. Since we had just finished talking about wanting to make more of an effort to find interesting things to do together, I suggested we go check it out.

It was actually pretty cool! It ended up being hosted by the Mustang Club of San Antonio, however there were other brands there, as well. We saw Ford Mustangs (which are BF’s fave since he drives one) in all colors and years. It’s amazing to see how good of a condition these people keep the cars in. They were so clean you could probably eat off of them… although I wouldn’t recommend it.

Here are some of the cars we came across that Sunday afternoon.

I loved doing something other than go to dinner or a movie with BF, especially something that he is really interested in. It’s funny because the longer we date, the more I become interested in his hobbies, and, hopefully, it works the same way with him….. hopefully.

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  1. LOL… maybe one day he will start naming all the fashion designers you like šŸ™‚ but only maybe… hehe Love your blog.

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