Ruthie’s Mexican Restaurant on Babcock

Let’s all give a round of applause to my newest client: Ruthie’s Mexican Restaurant on Babcock, not to be confused with the Ruthie’s on West Avenue. Two separate restaurants.

Specializing in traditional Tex-Mex dishes, Ruthie’s Mexican Restaurant on Babcock opened two months ago and has offered a friendly, fast and inexpensive dining experience ever since. Open from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. they serve everything from bean and cheese tacos to fajitas to tortilla soup!

They even make their own tortillas. To. Die. For.

I’m so excited to be working with them not only because their food is amazing and I know that people will love this place, but also because the restaurant is owned by my best friend’s family. They work so hard to make everything right for their customers in their restaurant, and have asked me to help them build their brand awareness via Facebook. I’m thrilled and extremely grateful to be working with such fantastic people.

Please head on over to their Facebook page and click the “like” button. We post specials, discounts and contests every day. Plus, our menu is also on the page so that you can start prepping your stomach for awesomeness before you get to the restaurant!

You really don’t want to miss out on that, now do you? Who doesn’t love discounts and free gifts?

After you’re done liking the page, stop by the restaurant at the corner of Babcock and 410 for a chance to experience first-hand just how amazing this place is.

P.S. They also cater! For questions about catering your next party, contact us on our FB page.


  1. Hi: I know the street, but what city are we in?

    1. We are deep in the heart of Texas , a.k.a San Antonio. So if you’re ever in town you should stop by!

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