Own Your Scent

Photo courtesy of musingsofamuse.com

This week I attended a fabulous event at Neiman Marcus put on by J.P. Morgan-Chase Bank. The champagne was flowing, the girls were shopping, and the perfume was spritzing. The event, featuring a representative from the legendary perfume house, Guerlian, focused on finding your own scent.

Did you know that each person has their own scent? You can discover yours by smelling your self when you first wake up in the morning (kind of strange, I know). Do you smell sweet? Do you smell musky? Do you smell like B.O? (jk) 

The rep, a pretty older French woman, is known as the “scent psychic” because, with two swipes of her hands across your inner wrists and neck, she is able to pick out the perfect scent to accentuate your natural one.

Guerlain representative from France. A.k.a "the scent psychic".

Guerlain representative from France. A.k.a “the scent psychic”.

When I sat down she looked at me , swiped her hands on my wrists, turns to the perfume, picks up a bottle, and spritzs me! She proceeded to let me know that I have darker scent and a flirty, quirky personality, therefore I need deeper ingredients like vanilla and chocolate. She pretty much described me as a dessert, and everyone loves dessert, so everyone loves me. See how that works?


IMG_1135 IMG_1134

After finding our signature scents, we all sat down to watch a quick fashion show featuring gorgeous gowns and jewelry from designers that Neiman Marcus carries.

It was an evening full of glamour and good smelling people. Sounds like a successful party!

*Excuse the awful picture quality. Instagram failed to help improve my photographic skills with its filters that night.


  1. I very much like your style of writing, Samantha ! You seem very personable and that really comes through. Normally, I probably wouldn’t be very interested in a story concerning women’s perfume choices, but you have a very amusing way with your writing. I also very much enjoyed your piece on the Sandy Hook shooting. You definitely capture what I feel, anyway. 🙂 My name is Jeffrey Littrell and I have a poetry blog. I also writes sports for the Fansided Corp., and the website, fantasycpr.com. It caters to fantasy sports enthusiasts. I’m also writing fiction, but struggling mightily at it ! If you like poetry, visit my site sometime. I look forward to reading more posts from you, Samantha. Have a nice day and a Merry Christmas !……JEFF

    1. Jeff, first and foremost, thank you so much for reading my blog! I started this as an outlet to spill all of my thoughts floating around in my head, but I continue it because of comments like yours. I’ll definitely check out your blog! Poetry is something that many people think is easy, but takes talent and is really an art form. Good for you! As far as fiction writing, I’m envious that you’ve taken the leap and began a story. One of my dreams has always been to write a novel. Reading and writing has been my passion since I first picked up Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss! THanks again for your kind words. Merrry Christmas 🙂

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